Teenage Engineering PO-32 tonic – more of the same

The new PO-32 tonic by Teenage Engineering is available now in stores. The device has the same look as the other pocket operators with new golden color of the buttons and new funny pictures on the display. PO-32 is 16 sounds, 16 steps drum sequencer. Every sound is again tweekable with 2 parameters and you know the old stuff. However the price is 99 euro and that is 40 more than the other pocket operators. So what is new in this one?

Teenage Engineering has put a microphon on this one but for your surprise it’s purpose is to transphere sounds between devices. Ha – funny but noisy solution. One device will make old modem like sound and the other will listen via the mic so the digital data is transphered. All sounds can be changed…

This is a video of the device in action.