Electro-Harmonix MINI-SYNTHESIZER App

MINI-SYNTHESIZER by Electro-Harmonix is one very nice iOS synthesizer. They market it as “digital re-creation of their circa 1980 analog cult-classic, The MINI-SYNTHESIZER.” but I can not say how close is the app to the original as I have never touched the real thing. Any way the app does a nice job and produces big sound that can be played via MIDI keyboard.

There is only one thing I do not like. Why everyone is trying to recreate vintage equipment? The modern iPad has much MUCH more power than the ancient devices and we should be having better sounds. These sounds where invented in 1980 – that is OK, but I would like to see people trying to do it better in sound creating, not just recreating retro sounds…


Here are the main features:

– POLY/MONO switch toggles between polyphonic (four notes can be played simultaneously) or monophonic (only one note can be played at a time) modes
– RIBBON Interface lets the player perform portamento (glide up or down to pitch), vibrato and other expressive playing
– MIDI Input and Output Functionality
– MIDI Aftertouch