Experience 8 Minutes of Live Hardware Synth Jam (Melodic Techno) by John Lead & Friends

John Lead has released his brand-new jam on YouTube channel, AudioLabs. The video captures him and João Bastos performing with a whole bunch of gear with Modstep (midi sequencer for iOS ) making up an excellent Melodic Techno.

And they hinted that all patterns were improvised 5 minutes before recording and everything was unscripted and experimental. Like a pro Lol; watch it here!

Here are all the instruments used and their sequencers in the video above:

  • Roland TR8 – Drums
  • Korg Minilogue – Bass Med (melodic)
  • Novation Bass Station 2 – ARP
  • (ducked by the sidechain FX from the TR8)
  • Roland TB3 – Bassline (rhythmic)
  • Moog Sub 37 – Lead melody (sequenced by modstep)
  • iPad running blocs wave – Vocal sample
  • Roland JP800 – Strings Pad (note hold)
  • Presonus Studio Live – Mixer and FX (Reverb+Delay)

Keep track of John Lead soundcloud for the final polished soundtrack.