Kemper Profiling Amp – what is it?

So we received many questions about the Kemper Profiling Amp. People still wonder what is it, how it is working and what it is doing. I will try to explain it here…

The Kemper Amp is a computer running code invented by Kemper (well almost).What this code is doing?

Well – you can think of the code as of two major algorithms. The first one is digital model of an amp. Yes almost the same shit as your amp simulator plug-ins. It is very good one and unique as it is not a clone but Kemper creation. However some of your amp plugins are also unique and some of them are very good too. This is the main part of the Kempler amp and it is it’s soul. What is special about this digital model of an amp is that it has many carefully made and selected parameters  that when cchanged the sound is affected in many different  ways.

The second algorithm is what is considered innovation. This is the profiling part. This code generates and runs various signals thrue the real amp and “listens” to the result signal. According to that this algorithm is setting the many parameters of the first one (digital amp), runs the same signal thrue it and comperes the result sound with the sound of the real gear until the result is as close as possible. After this process your digital amp inside the Kemper is adjusted to sound very close to your real amp and as a bonus you can still controll and change the sound by turning the nobs on the Kemper 🙂

So the whole thing is not magic or rocket science but it is very clever solution indeed. So we should be happy to have people like Christoph Kemper working in music technology.

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