Novation Peak Synthesizer Audio tasted

Novation introduced the new Peak polyphonic synthesizer at Superbooth 17. This introductory product, is a new 8-voice polyphonic hybrid synthesizer.

Product specialist Enrique Martinez released a demo and a preview of the Peak’s range, and here is the video.

At Superbooth 17, Kai Chonishvili, from the popular German magazine “Beat”, did a recording of different performances from different companies like Elektron, Arturia, Novation etc. The mix is super-hot, you need to listen to it. You might think it’s a DJ in the mix!

Mixing the SUPERBOOTH17 playlist lineup.

00:00 Intro

00:27 Elektron Digitakt – performed by Cenk Sayinli

00:35 Behringer Deepmind 12 – performed by Rob Belcham

01:08 Tiptop Audio Modularsystem – performed by Konstantin Gerves

01:32 Arturia Matrixbrute – performed by Sebastien Rochard

01:54 Jomox Alpha Base – performed by Jürgen Michaelis

01:54 Novation Peak – performed by Dankmar Klein

02:46 NI Reaktor 6 & Modularsystem – performed by Dave Forrester

03:19 Kai Chonishvili sits in the Shuttle Train to SUPERBOOTH17

03:34 Ondomo – performed by Ayako Hase

03:51 Kai Chonishvili flies in a weird thing – performed at Roland Booth

03:51 Shuttlesystem – performed by Moritz Scharf

03:55 Yamaha Reface CS (modded) – performed by Robots

04:43 Waldorf Quantum – performed by Rolf Wöhrmann

05:05 Credits