X Drummer By Positive Grid Inc – automatic drum machine

As it is easy to code a drum machine you can find tons of them now at the app store. Same of the others X Drumer is sampler – and this one is huge as it will eat 450 MB of your storage. Any way samples sound good and there are some prety images of drum sets on the screen. It is priced too high at $20 and Positive Grid Inc is claiming it has AI (which the app does not have). What the app actually has is a simple algorithm to much drum patterns to your riffs. You have to play the riff so the patterns to be generated. It generates patterns for “Verse, chorus and bridge” and you can latter change their order in the editor. It is a nice feature but not an AI 🙂

X Drummer is a good app as you can change the drum sounds and export audio files but it expensive one and eats a lot of space.

Here is video made by Amp apps: