BeatMaker 3 is an iOS audio software that provides versatility ideal for both on-the-go production and more complex MIDI/audio studio setups. The app is a creation of Intua, a music technology company. The app is designed to work with both amateurs and professional users, BeatMaker 3 emphasises the strengths of its predecessors while taking the future of music composition to the next level.

BeatMaker 3 has ability to integrate with both MIDI hardware and the music app ecosystem makes it a powerful tool in any musician’s arsenal.

BeatMaker 3 main functionalities are as follows:

  • Compose with high quality instruments & loops, integrated in a powerful and streamlined DAW.
  • Design your own instruments using a state of the art sampling engine with modularity (multi-layer, live slice mode, real-time time-stretching/pitch-shifting, Audio Units V3/IAA, full modulation system, …).
  • Powerful integration of MIDI hardware to control the app and its instruments in a unique way (MIDI actions, parameter macros, …).
  • Arrange songs with instruments & audio tracks.
  • Play live, remix or sketch ideas with a powerful scene mode.
  • Export, share, and expand your library with soundpacks designed by the best sound design companies.

BeatMaker 3 will be exclusively available on the App Store. It features an in-app sound store that provides high quality instruments and loop packs in multiple genres.