SyndtSphere – Sound Surfer Synthesizer

Klevgrand has released a a unique minimalist synthesizer in SyndtSphere, which is basically a sphere version of our polyphonic synthesizer Syndt. The SyndSphere features a unique experience of ”surfing” between presets, and according to Klevgrand, this new app brings on board 70 presets wrapped around a sphere that you can morph through.

SyndtSphere’s settings allows you to play around with the sphere, a ping-pong delay and a few more global settings.


  • Highly innovative interface, seamlessly browse between 70+ professionally made presets
  • Save current state
  • Ping pong delay
  • Legato mode with glide speed parameter
  • Pitch bend range


  • AUv3, works with AUv3 compatible hosts like GarageBand, Cubasis, Auria, AUM etc.
  • Delay can be synchronized with an AUv3 host (AUv3 mode only!)


  • Audio Units version, compatible with most Mac OS X DAW’s
  • VST version, compatible with most Mac & Windows DAW’s
  • System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7+ / Windows 7+ with SP1 or higher