Zvuk9 – New Way to Create Music

Zvuk Machines has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund production of the Zvuk9 expressive MIDI controller. The team is targeting to raise up $180,000 in a period of one month.

According to the firm, Zvuk9 will bring a new way to create music. It is an expressive MIDI controller that users can express themselves with every touch & motion.

“As a creative individual, you know how important it is to try new approaches. We let our minds go and ended up creating a new concept, a new way to interact with sound generators. We invite you to check it out. – Zvuk”

Zvuk9 Features:

  • 9 pressure and position sensitive pads
  • Velocity sensitive (3 levels of sensitivity and 3 velocity response curves)
  • X and Y MIDI assignable to CC. CCs can be the same for all pads or unique per pad
  • X or Y can be set to send pitch bend instead of CC
  • After touch (channel or polyphonic)
  • 15 programs for storing settings (scale, tonic, split status, X & Y controls, on/off status for notes, after touch, and X and Y)
  • 7 predefined scales available: natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor, major, harmonic major, pentatonic minor, and pentatonic major
  • 10 user scales available so you can set which pad will play which note or notes
  • Chords can be assigned through user scales, a maximum of 7 notes can be assigned to a pad
  • Tonic can be set with Notes buttons
  • Notes buttons are illuminated, showing which notes are currently available and which note is currently playing
  • By default, tonic goes on Pad1; by using Notes up/down function, all notes can be moved
  • Encoder controls for X & Y: CC, min, max, curve
  • Total of 13 response curves available for X and Y
  • 4 on/off buttons: notes, X, Y, and after touch
  • In Split mode, all controls for X and Y, state of 4 on/off buttons, and MIDI channel are unique per pad
  • Transport controls: play, stop, and record can be set to MCC, CC, or MCC+CC
  • Note off type choice (off channel, on channel/0 velocity)
  • All settings saved during reboot
  • MIDI over USB and MIDI through 3.5mm mini jack out (cable mini jack to MIDI DIN included)

You get your Zvuk9 Expressive MIDI Controller at a special early bird discounted price at $678 USD + Shipping, available Via Indiegogo Campaign