Three new Eurorack modules from Joranalogue Audio Design

Joran Van Gremberghe, a Belgium designer, has released 3 new Eurirack modules. The Test 3, a DIY V/mA meter and has now added the “Mix 3” CV controlled mixer and “Switch 4” performance switcher and router.

Mix 3

This modulemanages to provide a unique combination of compact size and functionality in just 6 HP. High-end signal paths ensure extremely low noise and distortion, wide headroom and precise gain control, despite the small form factor.

Mix 3 – Mixing & Overdriving YouTube video

Switch 4

This is a performance module designed for artists playing with their modular rigs live. It delivers a hands-on signal switching and routing solution for your Eurorack modular synthesizer. It also allows quick mute of audio signals, envelopes trigger and selection of modulation sources on the fly.

The four input signals are sent to the top routing section, where two rotary switches allow you to select the signals to be sent to the matching outputs. Here you’ll also find dual-action toggle switches, for added versatility.

The bottom switching section includes four lever-actuated toggle switches, to make or break the signal path between the inputs and outputs. These switches feature a dual action: latched upwards, momentary downwards.

all signal paths are buffered, avoiding signal cuts when shorting a jack during patching or severe loading effects when driving many inputs.

The high-end components provide exceptionally low noise and distortion, so Switch 4 can reliably process audio, control voltages and gates/triggers.

Switch 4 – Rhythm Routing

Test 3

This is a purpose-designed tool for measuring voltages and currents in your Eurorack system. This module, single as it is, you can now replace a convoluted test setup with multiple multimeters, custom cables etc.

Test 3 also supports testing power supplies and cables, measuring an entire system (up to 1 A of current on each rail), troubleshooting DIY modules, powering a skiff or breadboard from a larger system

Note: Test 3 is available, but as a “do-it-yourself project”, requiring some soldering and basic tools. But that should not be a worrying factor, the steps are very easy to follow for anyone.

Joranalogue Switch 4 Compare 2 Mix 3 Select 2 Test 3 video

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