Crazy8beats – New Twisted Electrons Rhythm-sequencer

Crazy8beats is the perfect companion for the twisted electrons crazy8 sequencer – same size as c8 and acid8. The crazy8beats is a crazy programming tool for advanced tricky rhythms with some massive cool mind-bending features:

Crazy8beats features 21 inputs and outputs including two MIDI outputs, MIDI in, 8 triggers and 8CV outputs and sync in/out. Each step is controllable with MIDI CC or CV modulation. It supports real-time beat recording with velocity and swing. It has probability and something called “beat auto-remixing”.

Crazy8beats others features include:

  • cv modulation per step (great for rhythmic effects)
  • Midi CC per step or different notes per step
  • Velocity
  • Swing per Track
  • probability and beat auto-remixing
  • real-time beat recording
  • drill fx
  • different clock rate per track (clock divider / clock-multiplier per track – great for polyrhythmic madness)
  • 16 patterns per track (can be changed per track or all at once)

Pre-sale is expected to start before Christmas – shipping will be before superbooth2018.

Visit Twisted Electrons for more info.