Serge TKB

ARC, that builds eurorack synthesizer modules, novel and musically useful electronic instruments, has introduced their new product via YouTube video, explaining its functionalities.

Serge TKB is designed for the Serge/Buchla 4U format and is the traditional input device and sequencer for that system. Celebrated for its versatility and creativity ARC is bringing this officially licensed version to the Eurorack format with hope to meet people’s expectations.

Serge TKB is a touch activated keyboard sequencer for the creation and performance of control voltages. Electronically it’s identical to the original Serge Systems TKB from 1979. It combines the functions of a touch-sensitive keyboard, programmer and sequencer. The 16 touchpads are seen to exist in columns of controls, called “stages”. Only one of the stages can be active at one time either by touch or sequence. At the top of each stage is a gate output giving 5v when active. The four knobs, known as A, B, C and D from top to bottom set the control voltage.

Serge TKB has got 8 output jacks on the right-hand side, containing individual and mixed outputs from the pots. There’s also a key output from the touch-pads, a gate and a pressure output. Next to the outputs is a column of inputs including clock, hold, up/down, random and reset.

ARC Serge TKB eurorack sequencer Introduction.


Serge TKB is priced at $899 which is about $2000 less than the Serge system equivalent.

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