mi.1e Wireless MIDI-CV with Gate Interface

Quicco Sound company launched a new technology called mi.1e, a Bluetooth CV converter.

The mi.1e has got 8 outputs, where the all the 8 outputs can take on different independent roles. The roles are set up using an iPad app which they made available for this particular work.

The app features three modes, namely

Step sequencer which controls the CV and the gate and plays on the app simultaneously.

Gate mode, brings in drums in your sound.

LFO mode has its dedicated outputs with low-frequency oscillation, which can be adjusted accordingly. In this mode, there are interesting functionalities like wave drawing to bring out certain sound and frequency.

Here is a video that elaborates more info.

Mi.1e Flexible Bluetooth Module – TFoM2017

The mi.1e module is expected to be released February 2017.

Quicco Sound