Tinami MD-1 – a MIDI controller that is customizable.


The MD-1 will allow you to build what you need. It’s the first MIDI controller that let you design the layout and choose the components that best fit your live or studio setting.

It’s made up of a 4 x 4 grid of interchangeable parts. You can choose between buttons, faders, and knobs and lay them out as 16 components in any way you wish. Once you’re happy, Tinami will build your controller and ship it to you. It’s a neat and versatile idea.

MD-1 is characterized by:

  • analog touch – Knobs, buttons or faders? MD-1 has the best components ready to potentiate your performance and to bring the analog touch to your set.
  • vintage look – Show up your controller! The MD-1 design is inspired by a classic gear of synthesizers golden era. It has a sturdy metal case with wooden side panels. MIDI controllers never looked better!

It all goes well, MD-1 could be released in February/March on crowdfunding sites at a price of €200.

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