Michael James Romeo (MJR) – Dellinger Prominence

Michael James Romeo is the lead guitarist and founding member of the world-renowned progressive metal act Symphony X. Caparison has worked closely with him on his own signature guitar and it features some unique design choices designed for high performance playing styles.

Caparison Dellinger Prominence-MJR

The new Caparison Dellinger Prominence-MJR advances from the standard Dellinger body style. This introduces a curved top, offering the greatly improved playing experience of a through neck model TAT on a bolt on neck guitar.

The Dellinger Prominence-MJR also features the Caparison “M3” composite tone wood body construction, which consists of a central Maple section sandwiched between two Mahogany sides, the neck bolts directly to the Maple section. The result is a balanced sound with focused low frequencies and rich sustain.

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