Axoloti synth block for the ROLI SEABOARD BLOCKS

Kai Drange posted a YouTube video showing a demonstration of a DIY synth block for the ROLI BLOCKS. Kai made the synth block out of passion he hard to words having a Seaboard companion. Here is a quote from his blog

“Ever since I got the Seaboard Block a while back I wanted a companion “synth block” for it. Since one didn’t exist, I decided to make my own with an Axoloti board. I wanted it to serve both as a host for the Roli blocks and as an MPE synth. The video below should give a general idea of the result and what it can do.” – Kai Drange

The ROLI blocks is designed to communicate while connected via “DNA connectors” spread out along the sides of the blocks.

However, the blocks use Bluetooth or a USB cable to link-up to a host. This means the user is not limited to one way to host on the Axoloti. I guess many will opt for the wireless method.

Kai has ensured that the blocks and Axoloti work harmoniously by introducing a simple object for the Axoloti patching software that sends and receives midi CC values and then companion Littlefoot scripts for the blocks doing the same.