Elektron Digitone – 8 voice polyphonic digital synthesizer

Digitone is an 8-voice polyphonic digital synthesizer, a powerful FM synth that actually anyone can us, well that is according to Elektron the inventor of this device.

Elektron’s vision has been to have a platform where FM synthesis can be revitalized and modernized. Now they have digitone, a single unique box that combines FM sound generation with a classic subtractive synthesis signal flow. From jagged chaos to mellow soundscapes in less than a second.

This is why Digitone is Ultra digital

Here is a simple way to get started with the Digitone; choose from multiple FM algorithms featuring carefully selected parameters. Shape the tones with powerful filters. Arrange them with the intuitive Elektron sequencer. Round off with the stellar effects. Now enjoy the most spectacular sounds, seemingly emanating from some parallel universe.

Digitone Synth voice features

  • 8 voice polyphony (multitimbral)
  • Multiple FM algorithms
  • 1 × multimode filter per voice
  • 1 × base-width filter per voice
  • 1 × overdrive per voice
  • 2 × assignable LFO per voice

Digitone Factory Presets

Digitone comes packed with grade-A factory content, designed to be the perfect starting block for your explorations of the FM universe.

512 Sounds ranging from the FM classics to wild and extraordinary out-of-this-world soundscapes created by Blush Response, DivKid, Hizmi, Mark Fell, Zabutom, the Elektron staff and many more